About Us

Make the exporting to China process simple and approachable for all UK brands.

To be a leading service provider.

We believe that borderless retail is the future and selling western products in China is an underdeveloped market. Our vision is to be a leading service provider of the supply chain from the UK to China.

Reliable, we’ll always be there for you.

Innovation, we’re always looking for new and more efficient ways to get things done.

Passionate, we’re very proud of what we do and enjoy it

The journey started in 2011, when Wei Fu opened her first online shop on Taobao to sell UK products. In 2012 she helped the Tianjin council to arrange an official visit to Scotland. During the networking event, she quickly realised she wanted to help UK products expand into the Chinese market. In 2014, Wei Fu and Xiaosen Dou started working together as a business full-time, they founded Commercial Cross in 2015. Whilst Commercial Cross was operating to help Chinese customers to buy UK products, Ybexpress was running as part of Commercial Cross to provide shipping services to local Chinese students and customers. After years of hard work, the business has grown into a successful supply chain for exporting, and they are now experts in operating E-commerce shops and logistics in both the UK and China.

While the Blue and Red of our logo represents the trade between Scotland and China, our Cross stands for much more. It represents the bridge between your brand and a global audience. It represents the game changing variable in your development. It represents the multiplication and growth of your business, and marks opportunity on the map of your businesses future.

We hold a firm belief that the Chinese market is far from being saturated and that it provides the potential for brands to grow whilst realising the on-going trends of modern fashion and retail for the ever changing demands of the consumer. Given the right product and strategy, we trust in the ability of emerging brands to overtake existing products.