Gift card payment solution - Shopbycard

Gift cards retail APP in the UK, a revolution for gift cards shopping experience

Make shopping in the UK easier and cheaper

The story behind the APP

Due to currency restrictions in China, our Chinese customers often come across difficulties making payments when purchasing in the UK. From years of experience, we discovered that the new method of shopping, using gift cards, was much easier and more efficient when shopping for your favourite brands. So, we developed our Shopbycard APP, with more than 80 brands available, so that we can share this easy and direct shopping experience.

About the Shopbycard APP

It’s not only designed for our Chinese customers, UK customers can benefit from our exclusive offers and discounts too. We believe e-Gift cards are the future, they are easy to use, store and a greener way to shop. Our APP will help all customers to purchase or send gift cards on a click and go basis. A real revolution for shopping.